Vroom Vroom

“Leader of the Pack,” originally aired October 22, 1995.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Hahahah, there’s an Immortal named Kanis who uses his pack of dogs to help him hunt other Immortals.  Hahahahaha.  Amazing.  I also love that Richie is the responsible one in charge of the dojo now.  But just when we think this episode will be an entertaining canine adventure, Richie is out getting a hot dog and…sees the guy who shot him and Tessa.


So of course Richie attacks him.  All the way to his apartment.  And then gets pulled out by the police.  Not so good, because there are a lot of questions on each side.  Ultimately, the cops don’t believe Richie and want to arrest HIM for assault, but they all go home.

Remember how we’re all still sad that Tessa is gone?  Because we are.

Meanwhile, Mac is teaching a grad class, which is amazing but he does realize he’s being stalked by dogs, and that PROBABLY means the guy who was an obsessed cynegeticist back in merry old England.  The duchess that Mac was with decided to execute him for being a jerk (more or less).

JOE’S IN THIS EPISODE (finally), and Richie is trying to chat about Mac’s problem, having missed the memo that Joe and Mac broke up after the whole Charlie death.

This episode even busts out “Who Wants To Live Forever.”  The writers must have gotten together when planning Season 4 and just decided “Let’s make every episode soulcrushing in different ways.”  We will never get over Tessa.  Unfortunately, Mac is angsting so hard that he forgets that Mr. Burns has released the hounds.  Richie, on the other hand, is FILLED WITH RAGE.  I, meanwhile, am starting to really like Kanis and his weird relationship with his dogs.  I mean, he’s a terrible person and feels like some classic Season 1 over-the-top enemy, and really, he might be wearing Joan Jett’s outfit, but he’s entertaining.  And then, he’s beheaded.  The end.

“There is no justice, just mercy.”  ;____; life.  Put that on a pillow, everyone.


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