The End of Innocence

“The Innocent,” originally aired October 15, 1995.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

I don’t rewatch this episode if I can avoid it, because it makes me so sad.  Honestly, Season Four has just been an emotional rollercoaster.  We need a break from all this trauma, but it’s not coming yet.  And now we get our first Immortal with mental disability, and…wow, where do you go with that?  It’s even worse than Kenny.  Kenny was sad but a little creepy.  Mikey is sad and…SAD.  Richie crosses paths with him after his last caretaker was beheaded.

Mac and Richie try to figure out where he came from because…he wasn’t looking after himself.  Unfortunately, Mikey accidentally killed the mortal looking after him when she was freaking out that the caretaker Immortal got beheaded.  And now he’s being followed by that other Immortal, because he figures out Mikey can’t last anyway, so might as well get his Quickening.  It’s just a mess.

And then Mikey gets run over by the cops, THEN arrested by the cops, because they think he’s ‘crazy’. 😦  All Mac knows is that humans are always treating people the worst, like white people to Native Americans.  But Richie knows social workers and stuff, which makes sense given his past, so he finds a place on Holy Ground that will watch Mikey until they figure out a permanent solution (seriously, they need Immortal therapists/social workers).  They take Mikey to some train stops on the way, fighting off the evil Immortal while they do it.  It should be all fine, except Mikey got scared and killed some cops.  And Mikey admits he ‘made Helen quiet.’  So Mac thinks he’s too dangerous to live.  Richie regretfully realizes there really isn’t any place for an Immortal like him.  He is going to try to end it as painlessly as possible, walking him out to see a train before the beheading, but then MIKEY MAKES IT THE MOST PAINFUL because he kneels down on the train tracks to be beheaded by the train so Richie doesn’t have to do it ;___:  I FORGOT ABOUT THAT.  OUCH.  WHAT.

I never know how I feel about this.  It’s terrible.  He deserved so much better.  And I really don’t understand the Hallelujah chorus.  Like…are they mocking this or are they trying to make it better?  I DON’T KNOW.  BUT THERE HAD TO BE ANOTHER WAY.  THIS IS NOT THE OPTION.

Now we all feel sad as Mac works on his new house.  I see you, show, trying to make us feel better by ending with Mac shirtless.  It didn’t work.


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