What Happens in Viet Nam Never Stays in Viet Nam

“Brothers in Arms,” originally aired October 8, 1995.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Grab a tissue, friends.  You’re going to need it this time.

So, Mac and Joe are returning from Scotland, but they cross paths with an Immortal in the parking lot who gets assassinated.  Say what.  Bad timing, assassin.  Especially since the sniper is Charlie and Mac catches him.  Oops.  He says that the guy, Cord, deserves to die, but Joe actually knows him from his Viet Nam days.  WHOA JOE BACKSTORY YAY.  Sad backstory, of course, because it’s Viet Nam and the American soldiers are either terrible, suffering from mental problems, or too innocent to live (or, you know, a combination of the three).  Joe’s the latter, and he gets land-mined, which is meant to explain his disability on the show.  Cord saved his life back then, because Immortal, and so now Joe tells Mac not to take his head.  Which is fine with Mac, although the whole Charlie thing makes it sensitive.  Since Charlie is pretty sure he killed Cord, but Cord isn’t in the morgue or anything.

Flashback tells us why Charlie hates this guy: Charlie and Mara were leading raids in the Balkans, and Cord sold them defective weapons.  And then killed Mara so she wouldn’t tell.  And tried to kill Charlie.  So.  Mac feels bad, and so he decides to go talk to Cord, which Joe has to arrange.  Joe feels awkward, like he’s setting up his friend who saved his life and put him on the path to being a Watcher when he could have gone crazy losing his legs.  So Mac has to tell Joe about the Charlie situation.  Joe decides that’s a good enough reason to set up the meeting.

Surely, they’ll just be able to talk everything out.

Still, I would have had them meet on Holy Ground and not at the bar.  Especially because Charlie shows up at Joe’s.  Yeah, this goes poorly.  Even Cord’s mad enough to AGGRESSIVELY PLAY paintball.  Now, it’s gone personal.  Now, the beheadings begin.  Unfortunately, Mac lets him live for Joe, which means Charlie has no chance :(((  I mean, Cord says he’s going to stay away, but do we believe that?  :((((  Nope, and Cord kills Charlie and Mac finally tells him he’s Immortal.  Now.  That he’s dying.  WHAT.  I CANNOT.  Needless to say, Joe and Mac have a bit of a spat over this.  Life, it’s hard.

Watchers and Immortals can never be friends, sigh.


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