Dramatic Pauses are… Dramatic

“Homeland,” originally aired October 1, 1995.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Ooh, a raven in a tree.  ODIN FEELINGS.  Anyway, some grave diggers are digging some graves at the bidding of someone who is creepy evil.  Nice pre-credits opening.

And then we get the Season 4 opening.  BEST.  OPENING.  Also the opening when Joe’s voice-over stops being neutral and actually says “May it be Duncan MacLeod.”  Yeah, we all want Mac to be the last immortal, don’t we?

So somewhere in France, Mac is enjoying a night at an art auction, and he sees a bracelet he knows.  So he goes back to the Highlands to figure out how it got to the auction, and we all feel sad while “Bonny Portmore” is sung.  Mac is saying hello to his parents, and a descendant, Rachel MacLeod, comes and tells him to gtfo of the family plot.  ~Tension~  But she’s actually mad because there’s a funeral in her family that day, and the priest is just not cutting it in comfort.  She’s also the local inn keeper, so she checks Mac in right after Joe got there.  Yay, Joe.  Actually being a watcher!  And he is super excited to see how Duncan’s homecoming will go.  Mac, on the other hand, is a bit distracted about the bracelet–one he gave to his first love, Debra, whom he killed a clansman for.  Whoops.  Clan drama.  Mac afterward feels like he can’t marry her because guilt.  And then Debra commits accidental suicide because of guilt.  So.  Much.  Guilt.

Anyway, Mac realizes that this has been stolen from a grave, so he’s trying to figure things out.  Rachel is concerned about it and tells the priest, which is the wrong move.  She becomes more convinced that Mac is the graverobber, and so the cops search his room and find the sword.

As Joe best puts it, “Next time, separate vacations.”  Vacations with Immortals are the worst.

Anyway, Mac and Rachel explain that Duncan MacLeod is some legendary guy who came back from the dead and killed Kanwulf the Viking–who, GUESS WHAT, is the village priest.  Unfortunately, back then, Mac didn’t know he needed to be beheaded.  But Mac does finally meet the priest, who is still Viking all the way.  Mac beheads him now, and Rachel suspects he IS the legend.  Mac has finally come home.  How bittersweet.

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