The Best Dance Scene Ever

“Finale (Part 2),” originally aired May 29, 1995.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

While Amanda and Duncan chill out and dance at the Eiffel Tower, Christine tells the newspaper guy and convinces him.  Methos and Joe get in major trouble with the head of Europe Branch Watchers, so Methos tries to go do damage control–“Why would I tell the truth?” he asks when Joe’s worried about what history he might say.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Kalas gets to the newspaper first, kills them, and takes the disc.  Then he goes to confront the Europe Branch Leader, and Mac is there not long after thanks to a tip from Methos.  And then Kalas tells him that he has a plan: all the files will be sent if he gets beheaded.  Methos and Mac have a totally adorable conversation with all the best lines as they try to figure out what to do about Kalas.  They come up with nothing.

But Amanda sneaks out to fight Kalas instead of Mac.  She escapes when the fight doesn’t go her way (goodbye, her sword), and Mac gets mad at her again.  He goes to the Watchers who have screwed the code.  Again.  It’s just a mess.  But Kalas lays out the ultimatum, and Mac goes to fight on the Eiffel Tower.  Which causes a major lightening storm, so all the tech is ruined.  HOORAY.

Except as the team celebrates, we realize that Dan made another copy, even more poorly hidden in the bookstore.  DUN DUN DUN~ Cliffhanger to Season 4, nothing bad will happen~  (Yeah, just wait for it)

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