That Moment You Realize How Good This Show Became

“Finale (Part 1),” originally aired May 22, 1995.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

The list of guest stars makes this the best episode ever ALREADY.  EVERYBODY is in this episode.  E V E R Y B O D Y.

So, someone kills Kalas in prison.  That was really not smart, as the guy soon learns.  But Kalas decides to make him his little lackey, and the two break out of prison with the help of…Amanda????  Who did it to behead him as  gift to Mac.  Unfortunately, he escapes.  So, she has to go give the bad news to Mac.  She does that by making him dinner and pretending she’s just there because she cares about him.  Mac knows by now to be suspicious, and she eventually tells the truth.  Mac is super pissed, thinking she’s going to die for all this.

Meanwhile, Kalas and his jail buddy are driving around, and Kalas uses the jail buddy to run over another Immortal so Kalas can take his sword and behead him.

In case this episode wasn’t amazing enough, then we get a flashback to Mac in Algiers where he first met XAVIER ST. CLOUD.  WHAT.  BONUS VILLAIN.  And SO CLASSY.  It’s like the writers came together and said “Let’s just have ALL THE BEST PEOPLE.”  Anyway, in the flashback, Duncan’s Muslim friend doesn’t want to fight Xavier and Mac gets annoyed, so he goes to fight instead.  But Mac’s friend feels guilty, so he goes to fight Xavier at the last minute.

And then the show gets EVEN BETTER because Joe and Methos come to interrupt Mac’s pouting.  <3_<3  Sidebar: Methos has the weirdest buzzing sound.  They’re dropping in just to say hi, and Mac tells them about Kalas.  And Methos makes the best facial expressions.  Mac soon runs into Kalas when he’s having lunch at Maurice’s.  Mac is so predictable, and now he has to tell all his friends to skip town.

The Watcher business that Joe and Methos are doing is to help Don Salzer’s widow Christine grieve and also not freak out that Kalas is free.  She’s going to tell the newspaper about Immortals, so Methos reveals that he’s Immortal to try to convince her not to do it.  Worst plan ever.  Methos admits that he’s just a guy, not a super genius, despite being 5000.  But he’s not too worried because she has no evidence.  UNFORTUNATELY, Dan did make a backup CD.  Urgh, technology!  Joe confronts her about that, but she gets away, and Mac is trying to stalk Kalas–but Amanda’s a step ahead of him.  Unfortunately, as they work together, Amanda gets kidnapped by Kalas’ guys.  He tells this to Joe and Methos, who tell him that the secret’s going to be out.  Fun day.

Thankfully, Amanda has all of her thievery and seduction talents, so she breaks out and beats up the kidnappers before frolicking off.  And Mac takes Joe’s bullet that supposed to kill Christine.  Joe is RUTHLESS.  But Methos gets what’s going on and gets all the best lines.  Methos<3.  But man, what is going to happen now??  Find out next time, friends.


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