Everyone and Nobody is to Blame

“Reasonable Doubt,” originally aired May 14, 1995.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

So two young lovers have some fun being art thieves (and killing to get the Da Vinci), but Mac’s part of that art business.  So he agrees to help out his dealer friend, only to find that one of the thieves is Maurice’s niece Simone and the other is an Immortal–one that Duncan, of course, knows because he had a bad run in when he was stealing banks with his teacher a while ago.  Mac goes to Simone’s house to try to figure things out–because Maurice doesn’t know his niece is a lady of the night and Mac gets a really surprising visit.  She and the Immortal agree to give back the sketch, at least.  She even comes over to explain herself a bit–she was sexually abused as a child–and this after the Immortal complains that his teacher made him into a criminal.  So this episode got dark and sad really fast.

But whereas Simone is an actual victim, the guy is mostly just super insecure.  After a few decades, you have to start taking responsibility for your actions…  And so he does, by stabbing her for not helping him kill Mac.  Maurice is never going to forgive you, dude.  Of course, he tells Mac that someone else killed Simone.  SIGH.    But just when you think Mac’s bought that story, he kicks him in the gut.  Then beheads him.  Mac agrees that the guy is a victim, but he also gets lots of people killed.

So, an interesting thought experiment on victims and survivors and at what point are they responsible for their actions when they’ve been used.  And really, really sad.


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