Surprise Pregnancy Plot

“Mortal Sins,” originally aired May 8, 1995.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Mmm, Mass.  This is going to be an exciting episode.  Come to me, Catholic feels.  But the mass gets interrupted when one of Fr. Bernard’s wayward kids run in, following by a gang, led by someone the priest knew 50 years ago.

Meanwhile, there’s some trouble in paradise, and Duncan thinks Anne is not super happy with their life.  But Bernard runs into him later, and they talk about the Resistance.  Bernard really helped them all out during WWII.  And given that the gang leader was one of the leaders of the German side, Bernard thinks he should tell Mac that there may be some neo-Nazis.  Anne isn’t sure she understands Mac needing to be the world police.  But when Mac confronts the ex-Nazi, he claims that Bernard is guilty about himself and his own actions–you know, how Bernard killed him and then buried him alive.  He isn’t planning on doing anything to the priest.

Meanwhile, Anne’s acting strange because she’s pregnant.  Wow.  Someone got some comfort sex after Mac died.  Mac takes it well because it’s all good.  Mac’s not sure what to do about it, though, because he has a dangerous life.  Anne’s pretty upset about that.  Remember when Richie had this same conundrum?

I legitimately do not remember this storyline, but I have a lot of sad feelings for Mac.  He really deserves kids.

But their conversation gets interrupted by someone else from the Resistance, to whom Bernard told about Mac’s immortality.  He’s happy to see his old friend, though.  UNFORTUNATELY, he was the guy who helped Bernard dump the Nazi’s body in the Seine, and it appears that the guy is holding a grudge against that.  So he’s dead, then Bernard is likely next, so Mac goes after him, but he comes after Bernard and Anne.  Mac makes it there before he shoots Anne, so, you know, something, but everyone else is dead.  And then Anne sees a Quickening.  Pretty sure that #nopes that relationship.

Bye, Anne.  I’ll miss you more than I thought I would.


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