Alas, Poor Richie

“Take Back the Night,” originally aired April 29, 1995.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

An Immortal’s husband gets killed by pickpockets (#stillsadabouttessa), and she gets shot, too, and we all know what’s going to happen in this episode.  Mac’s just trying to enjoy Richie’s new racing life.  But he thinks Richie might be cheating a bit since Richie knows he can’t get hurt.  I think Richie would do this anyway because RICHIE.  It’s like you don’t know him at all, Mac.  Mac’s so worried, he almost doesn’t catch the young pickpocket Paolo.  But Mac’s too nice to be really mean to the kid.

Meanwhile, the Immortal Ceirdwyn gets on her battle paint, remembering when she used to fight Romans.  That’ll put you in the mood to take out some criminals.  Of course, Mac happens to stumble on her killing, so now he’s going to feel all conflicted about it, because she helped him out when he was trying to save Bonny Prince Charlie.  Back then, she was the one pushing to stop fighting.  How the tables have turned.

Naturally, the pickpocket heard all of this.  Richie has no advice on the matter, either, because he just wants to race and ignore his jerk teammate.

Mac tries to get Ceirdwyn to compromise that killing the one who actually pulled the trigger is enough revenge.  Seems legit.

But then Richie gets killed in a race, so.  That was a short career, and Mac had not a good day.  And then the criminals attack Ceirdwyn’s house, and Mac has to try to stop them.  It’s just a mess.  But it all convinces Mac to tell Anne the truth(?), so Joe calls her over to do just that…since he’s in America?  And Mac’s going to call her at Joe’s.  I guess there’s no not awkward way to do this.  I guess next episode we’ll see how she takes the news.

Who knows, right?

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