Methos Has Arrived

“Methos,” originally aired March 11, 1995.  Nostalgia, spoilers, and shameless fangirling within.


Kalas, you killed Hugh, but you brought Methos to me, so I’ll let you live THIS TIME.  He hangs out in a club called Nosferatu, though, so he does have some issues, but he thinks he’s found the key to defeating Mac: Methos, the legendary oldest Immortal.  So he goes out–and his Watcher follows and gets caught because Watchers in this century are REALLY BAD. Joe warns Mac about this, and we finally get more background on why Kalas’ voice is now gravely and why he hates Mac so much–Mac ruined his opera career with a near beheading because he tried to kill his friend for revenge after the whole monastery business.

Meanwhile, Richie is living his life as a biker, and got himself hired onto a French racing team which is somewhat awkward because the racer he replaced is suicidally jealous.  Also, Richie doesn’t get along with his teammates.  And Kalas is trying to find out all the Watcher info by threatening Salzer, a big shot, while Mac is close on his trail.  The now dead Watcher manages to leave enough of a clue that Mac knows he’s looking for Methos, so Joe sets him up with a Methos researcher, Adam Pierson.  :D:D:D :D:D:D :D:D:D :D:D:D And when Mac gets to Pierson’s apartment, the Watcher is immortal and Mac realizes PIERSON IS METHOS YESSSSSSS

Mac immediately wants to protect him, but Methos is all “nah, bro, I’ve got this.”  Of course, the minute he gets back home, Kalas has been reading his diary (RUDE), and Kalas can read the Ancient Greek (Because FORMER MONK HELLS YEAH) and realizes that Pierson is Methos, too, so they fight, but Methos steers them to fall into the river.  Good fighting strategy.  Methos decides he isn’t strong enough, so he tries to get Mac to take his head.  “Live, grow stronger, fight another day.”

Mac vetoes that plan (FOR THE JOY AND RELIEF OF ALL HIGHLANDER FANS) and fights Kalas himself…except Methos calls the cops to break up their fight because he didn’t think Mac was winning.  So he calls in Kalas for the murder of Salzer.  Smart boy:D  Mac is less fun because he tells Joe that Methos is Adam is Methos, but Adam skipped out on town.

Aww, yay.  Trust me, you’ll learn how much this show needs Methos.


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