Alas, Poor Fitz

“Star-Crossed,” originally aired February 27, 1995.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

We continue the Kalas saga, and this is awesome.  Season 3 in general has been awesome, and I’m glad that this season’s totally classy villain (Kalas) gets a whole arc.  Smartly done, show writers.

Of course, that means the beginning is just a flashback to the last episode, zzzz.

Anyway, he goes to Paris and Fitz picks him up, and although he’s driving poorly and gets run off the road by someone evil, otherwise life is good for him as a chef dating a lady named Naomi.  Aww<3.  Unfortunately, another chef gets in a fight with Fitz over Naomi and it’s all bad times.  But Duncan is just like #typicalFitz because they met when Fitz was having an affair with an employer’s daughter.  Whoops.  Worse yet, the guy who is jealous of Fitz and is bringing in a gun and so on and forth gets brought over to the side of Kalas.

Oh, this is going to be bad.

It gets worse because Fitz wants to make up all sorts of job credentials.  COMPUTERS ARE TERRIBLE.  Duncan and Fitz learned to read together, though, so they should probably learn to use a computer together.  But no time in this life–Kalas sets Fitz up for the jealous guy’s murder, so Fitz has to hide.  Meanwhile, Richie is starting his racing career, which is super cute (if super public).  Team Immortal figures out that Kalas set Fitz up, but he’s still running from the police, so, what can you do?  Unfortunately, on his run, he meets Kalas, and they fight and Kalas wins:((((( NO :(((((  Then we get a lovely Fitz tribute.

Poor Fitz.:(


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