Faith Compels You

“Blind Faith,” originally aired February 18, 1995.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Stereotypical religious cult leader episode!

So Anne “fails” to save an (Immortal) spiritual leader, and Mac is REALLY suspicious of this guy because he killed lots of people with scams in the past.  But dude is saying he’s really reformed.  And of course, lots of people are trying to expose him, and Anne is trying to figure out what he is (and maybe what Mac is).  And Mac thinks Kirin dumped a dead body at his house.  Man, what a crazy thing.  I think it’s his follower Matthew.

But anyway, Mac is going to fight him, but since he won’t fight back, Mac starts believing he’s changed.  It’s good to know when you’re wrong.  Joe is not convinced.  He also tries to convince Mac to be the judge.  Calm down, Joe.  Live and let live.

And yep.  Matthew comes to kill Mac.  And find out more about Kirin/Kage because he saw some of the Immortal fight.  Matthew went a little crazy about everything, and then he commits suicide:(  Kirin feels really bad and has to go restart his life, but at least he’s on a better path for sure.


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