Bad Watchers

“They Also Serve,” originally aired February 11, 1995.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

So a jerk is beheading Immortals just when they’re trying to take a swim.  Rude.  And he’s getting help from his Watcher/girlfriend.  Meanwhile, Joe and the Watchers are playing poker and chatting about their Immortals, lol, what.  I guess this is what Watchers do in their down time.  I guess they HAVE downtime.  Shouldn’t they be watching?  Anyway, the Watcher/secret!girlfriend gets very emotional that they don’t seem to care about their assignments as people.  The only Watcher at the table who is a good, old school Watcher is all “dude, we observe them objectively, we can’t get emotional about it” (but much more formally because he’s an old formal guy).

Of course, Joe’s as bad, and he goes right to Mac to tell him that May-Leng died because they used to be together.  He studied under her after he was in Japan.

Watcher/girlfriend fusses over the Immortal way too much.  It is interesting to see things from the Watcher perspective, though, and get more about how they do things.  But now they find out about Joe and Mac being friends.  Oooh, complications.  COMPLICATIONS.  Nobody knows how to handle the feelings.  Joe tries not to interfere, but the lady Watcher sets up Mac to get beheaded.  Joe, thankfully, figures it out and has Richie deliver Mac his sword.  But Mac won anyway, even without his sword, because he’s the best.  Nice that Joe didn’t need to risk his career for you.

I foresee no long term complications with this relationship…


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