“Vendetta,” originally aired February 4, 1995.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

So, a minor mafia member (Benny) offers to hand over Mac, who had been on the wrong side of the mob 50 years ago to save his own neck.  So Benny jumps in to the dojo, and Richie’s pretty excited to meet the old mafia man.  And Anne drops in, too, and decides to give Mac another chance.  Everybody’s excited about everything, it’s a very busy morning.  So things are going well, until he goes to lunch with Benny and some people jump them afterwards.  SIGH.  Benny eventually reveals that he had to kill Mac for the mob boss he owes a lot of money to.  Benny tries to assure him that it’s all good as long as he doesn’t run into the mob boss before he dies of cancer.

Of course, Anne’s charity date with Mac takes place at something with the mob boss and the old lounge singer.  Lots of drama because what really happened was that the brothers were both in love with her and Mac thought she was pretty awesome, too, and there was murder–fratricide–and the other brother took over the business SECRETLY and YEAH.  Lots of mafia drama that the mob boss doesn’t want let out until he’s dead, but then it does come out, and he dies and the lounge singer can live her life.

Eh.  Benny’s cute, the plot’s all right.  The end.


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