And the Best Use of Gargoyles Goes to…

“Shadows,” originally aired November 26, 1994.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Mac is playing piano at Joe’s while he cleans up, and I guess it’s nice that they’re friends.  Then he gets into a fight.  And gets beheaded.  OOPS.  That’s a short episode–

Oh, it was all a dream, and he wakes up and Anne is all “WHOA BUDDY.”  She tries to take him out in the morning, but he ducks off somewhere before Richie and his new friend get up there.  But Mac DOES go to an art show with Anne, where his Old Friend Garrick is the sculptor.  He has cool gargoyles.  This guy had some…issues back in the day during all the witch trials stuff, which was a really bad time to be Immortal.  It doesn’t help that he thinks he has ~the vision~.  So Mac had to pretend to be a demon to get them out.  Given his friend’s experience with visions and stuff (Jungian psychology whoo), Mac thinks that Garrick can help him with the hallucinations he’s having.  The research doesn’t help too much–Richie gets attacked (And I have Really Bad Season 4 & 5 Flashforwards), and then they have to have a talk about psychoanalysis.  Ew.

Meanwhile, Anne starts researching his medical records.  Oh, problems ahead.  And Mac loooooses it with everything happening.  Wow.  This is insane!MacLeod, and it won’t be the last time we see him, fyi.  This time, though, it’s caused by Garrick who is forever bitter because he was burned alive at the stake when Mac should have saved him.  Joe informs Richie that Garrick is crazy, but Richie doesn’t really do a good job of convincing Mac about anything re: the situation.  You have to feel for Garrick, though, because really.  Being burned alive?  Wow.  Somehow he actually does have other super magic Vision powers, too–I’m always a little iffy on this show when there are other superpowers involved.  Isn’t Immortality enough?  But okay, fine, he has psychic powers.  It doesn’t keep Mac from beheading him.

Too bad Mac didn’t get the psychic powers in the Quickening.  Wouldn’t that be something?  But Anne does the right thing and breaks up with him.  Bye, Anne:/  This is one string of crazy you don’t need.


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