She’s Just Not That Into You

“Obsession,” originally aired November 19, 1994.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

A woman hits her creepy ex with a car, and I would feel worse if this weren’t “Highlander.”  Dude’s probably Immortal and probably deserved it.  And I think Mac is friends with the ex, because he gets a call from someone to meet him at a church, while Richie and Anne are hanging at the dojo, and the girlfriend comes to talk to Duncan for help.  Of course, nobody in show knows the dramatic irony in all this, because the guy wants Mac to be his best man for the wedding that the girl is proooobably avoiding, what with hitting him with a car.  Judging from the flashback, this guy has a bit of a track record of falling for girls not interested in him.  I feel that problem, man.  But the solution is not being obsessive stalker.  Very much no.

But Jill (the woman) comes back again, when Mac is out AGAIN, but Richie figures out that David (the stalker) is no good.  Anyway, while Mac is out with Anne, she continues to ask normal questions about his past relationships, which are Super Complicated questions with Immortals.  Anne’s starting to get a little suspicious.

Anyway.  When Mac goes back, Richie fills him in.  And Mac feels bad about being alone, or something.  I think.  Has the show taught us yet that everything he loves dies?  Or leaves him?  I think this episode is actually about Mac’s romantic flashbacks and that one time he was really unhealthy in a relationship.  Bad Mac.  Anyway, Jill explains she left David because he’s immortal, and that is too much for her, which is a little sad, but fair, and given the crazy way David acts when she’s left, she dodged that bullet.

Of course, Anne doesn’t understand why they just can’t go to the police, Jill runs away because Mac won’t behead David, and there’s a moment when I think everyone is going to die, and it’s pretty traumatic, because she does fall from her 5th floor apartment.  😦  Mac lets him live this time, but everyone is sad.  Seriously, what an unfulfilling episode.  Just go home and feel sad because some people are douches and get others hurt.


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