You Killed Kenny!

“The Lamb,” originally aired November 12, 1994.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

So, some kid beats up and steals from a homeless man.  RUDE.  Mac and Richie are nearby, arguing about a boat because Richie is uncultured, when they sense the kid (Kenny) because he’s Immortal.  An Immortal Kid.  WORST. LIFE. EVER.  Stuck at 10.  Mac remembers another kid immortal he met in the Civil War, too, which makes him feel guilty.  Many things about his past make him feel guilty.  I can sympathize.  Anyway, Mac and Richie take the kid in.

MacLeod and Anne have a really awkward date because she starts asking about, you know, his family, while Richie and Kenny have an awkward night at the dojo because someone comes for Kenny’s head.  Mac decides to send him to a priest for looking after.  So they go fishing on his last day of freedom, and we learn that Kenny killed his old teacher Frank while fishing and will likely do the same thing to Mac.  But then Anne joins them and foils his plans.  *shakes fist*  He’s really mean to Anne.

Then Mac talks to Joe about the guy who was after Kenny, who seems to be a nice guy, actually, and Richie trains Kenny.  Everything continues to be awkward because Duncan feels guilty he didn’t save Civil War!kid, but Kenny continues to be mean so it’s hard to be nice.  Eventually, Mac is told that the Immortal following him had his wife killed by Kenny.  Uh oh.

And then Kenny cuts off that Immortal’s head by coming at him like a spider monkey:(

Mac actually supports him because he understands that the kid doesn’t have much choice but to be sneaky.  …of course, then Kenny tries to kill Anne.  Way less sympathy there, kiddo.  So Mac confronts him, and Kenny runs away AND THEY PLAY CREEPY KID-STYLE MUSIC.  KIDS ARE CREEPY.  But Anne and Mac are cute, so.  That’s something.

But seriously, kid immortals are the STUFF OF MY NIGHTMARES.


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