Highlander and the Cowardly Lion

“Courage,” originally aired November 5, 1994.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

The theme of this episode is collisions.

Joe should have known that by starting a bar, it would naturally attract bad attitude immortals, who also like to sing “Danny Boy” and run other Immortals off the road.  And Mac, on the other hand, is a magnet for all the ladies, particularly Anne Lindsay.  Of course, this all means Duncan is conveniently at the hospital when Cullen (the alcoholic Danny Boy Immortal) is brought in with the bus accident, and he helps him sneak out because they’re Old Friends, back when Cullen was “the best.”  At swordfighting.  I am having my doubts.  Unfortunately, Richie is hanging out at the dojo when they get back, and Richie’s the one that Cullen wants to kill now.  TYPICAL.  MacLeod is starting to doubt his friend’s rep, since after all, back when they were in San Fran in the 1800s, he did run away from that fight… Hmm.

But Mac believes he still is good.  In San Fran, when he confessed he was scared because he was the best and everyone was out to get him, that was apparently just a fluke?  Oh, Duncan.  He was in an opium den.  Remove the scales from your eyes.

He realizes he has to do something, though, because Cullen did kill that bus full of people.  (Don’t drive while under the influence, boys and girls.)  And then Cullen shows up at his apartment high as a kite.  So.  The dude has problems.  Mac takes Anne on a date to Joe’s, and then Cullen attacks him there, so, at least, Cullen solved the problem for Mac.  Mac lets him go that time, but then Cullen sets him up AGAIN.  He actually does pretty well, too, for being strung out, but Mac still manages the kill.  I’m a little surprised–I expected Mac to try to ~save him~.  But I guess when someone out to kill you, you have to do it.  Mac’s surprised by his own actions, too, and cries. Poor Mac.

But Dr. Anne buys him breakfast, so that’s nice, and we’ll all forget about this by next episode.  See you then!


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