Let’s Be Rebellious

“Rite of Passage,” originally aired October 29, 1994.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Ah, teenagers.  Duncan gets to play relationship helper for a friend and his rebellious teenage daughter (Michelle).  And as she rebelliously drives away, she drives off a cliff accidentally:(  She doesn’t make it, but she is immortal now, so Mac gets her out of the morgue.  She takes it pretty well, all things considered.  Mostly because she thinks it means sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll.  Before he can explain the truth about everything, he has to go try to help the hospital find Michelle’s body.  Since it’s missing.  And her parents are devastated.  Awkward.

While he’s gone, Michelle senses another Immortal and goes to figure out what that strange sensation is.  Not a good plan.  He tries to seduce her to the dark side, pretty literally.  She’s thinking about it, and when she gets back to Mac’s apartment, he explains the big downside to Immortality–The Game, blah blah blah.  And at her funeral, Mac sees the guy who’s interested in her, Axel, and Mac remembers in 1896 when they met–he does cons where lady immortals ask others for help, and then he beheads them.  Foolproof plan, especially if you’re sexist and from a time when ladies wielding swords was just not done.  Mac tells the lady that she needs to learn to protect herself and stand up for herself and not be used.  Good job.  Unfortunately, that gets her beheaded.

I do object to how much Mac says it’s not a fairy tale.  It is!  Everyone dies!  OLD SCHOOL FAIRY TALE.

Anyway, her dad stops by, and Michelle overhears how much her daddy loves her, and it’s all very sad.  Not that I have dad feelings myself.  DADDY:(  So she’s feeling a little better because she gets her parents now, and she tries to seduce Duncan again before he hands her off on Amanda.  Or tries to, before she runs away with some bikers.  And then joins Axel on his yacht.  Still rebelling.  She pushes Axel to teach her how to swordfight, though, and he pretends to agree.  But Axel tries to use her ofc, so Mac beheads him and then Amanda and Michelle become BFF sassy ladies.  THE END.


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