This Show is Way More Catholic Than I Remember

“The Cross of St. Antoine,” originally aired October 22, 1994.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

It’s night at Joe’s, and everything is wonderful because Amanda likes him and Joe has a girlfriend.  But then his girlfriend gets killed.  This show.  Curse of hanging out with Immortals, man.  It’s not safe to be an art historian.  But at least Joe has the blues as an outlet for his feelings.  Good job exposing the actor’s talents.<3  He and the immortal duo investigate the murder, and they see an old cross.  This golden cross used to belong to a priest, killed by a trapper who would kill anyone or anything for money.  INCLUDING A SCHOOL TEACHER.  DUDE.  LOW.

…and did he actually just ROAR after running away from Duncan in the flashback?  Talk about crazy.

Anyway, Duncan swore to return the cross to the church one day, so he decides to buy the cross the art historian was studying.  And it turns out the cross’ owner, Mr. Thorne, is the crazy old trapper, who has SEEN THE LIGHT (of art.  Not of religion.  That’s asking too much).

Mac convinces Amanda to STOP trying to not be a thief (lol, man, Duncan, nobody can break the rules unless you say it’s okay) and break into the museum for the cross.  It’s always hilarious when Mac and Amanda work together.  Things don’t go exactly according to Mac’s plan (always true, too), because Dawson gets kidnapped, but.  So they exchange the goods for Joe on Holy Ground, but Mac runs into him right off the church grounds and they fight it out.  So Mac beheads him and returns the cross to the church.  Joe, of course, is still sad (for this episode.  TV show characters have very quick emotional recovery time), and the Immortal duo catches him playing the blues.  They realize Joe has ~hidden depths~, and I guess this makes up for taking Charlie away from me.  Maybe.  For now.


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