Charlie/Mara OTP

“The Revolutionary,” originally aired October 15, 1994.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Well.  Things in the Balkans are heating up.

And Mac knows Karros, the Immortal who is stirring people up.  Karros and Spartacus used to hang out, too, and that’s what gave Karros the idea to free people.  FREEDOM.  VIVA LA REVOLUTION.  Mac fought with him in the war for Mexican independence, and now they meet up when Karros is in Seacouver to talk about the Balkans?  Seacouver, man.  The hotspot for all global affairs.  An important priest gets shot, so they get him to the hospital and then Karros and his advisor/pr rep/reporter, Mara, come over to Mac’s for a drink.  Mara and Charlie hit it off like rockstars, and why shouldn’t they?  They are sassy and beautiful people.

Mara’s getting a little annoying that Karros is lying to the press, etc. etc. Mac checks to ID the shooter in the morgue, and he suspects that Karros killed him to manipulate the revolution.  Dr. Anne Lindsey (the new love interest) knows sort of what’s up and gets him kicked out of the hospital so she can, you know, save the priest.  Meanwhile, the better couple is still adorable flirting so that they miss that Bourchek came to meet with Karros.

Le. Drama.

Mara is pretty sure that this is a trick, though, because she still trusts Karros (why??), and Charlie thinks about following them to the Balkans.  Things are pretty tense when Karros definitely turns on them, though.  They save Mara’s life, and then Mac beheads him.

And then it’s really sad because Charlie leaves 😦  I mean, I’m glad he’s got a girl, but :(((( CHARLIE I was just loving you so much.  Why can’t you and Mara live in Seacouver?  Oh, right, because you’re special forces and your powers need to be used for good.  Okay.  Fine.


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