In Which We Make Up Rules About Immortality

“Line of Fire,” originally aired October 8, 1994.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Richie’s out playing basketball when an ex drops in with a baby.  And she says he’s the father.  Wah bam.

Now, by this point we know that Immortals shouldn’t be able to have kids (although he would have been a pre-Immortal sooooo).  Anyway, Charlie’s all excited because Charlie is the best person on this show right now, and Mac is like “um, dude, see Immortal rules.”  But Richie decides to play dad anyway BECAUSE HE CAN.  SUCK IT, MAC.  Mac remembers when he got to be an adopted father with a Native American family, and it was great, until someone killed them all.  That time at least it wasn’t his fault for being Immortal.

hehe, also random Catholic priest cameos, idek, but I love it.  But then not so random, because Mac tousles with an Immortal (Kern) and they end up in the church during a wedding.  OOPS.

Charlie, of course, tears Mac apart for not being nice to Richie.  Why so douche-y?  But Mac just feels sad because this same Immortal who is in town is the person who destroyed his happy Native American family ;_;  Because this show is all about coincidences not being coincidences.

And now, for the first time, we get JOE’S, Dawson’s blues bar, which is going to make it easier for Mac to find him and therefore other immortals.  WORST.  WATCHER.  But it’s a nice bar.  Meanwhile, Richie is having a bad time because he doesn’t want to tell Donna (his not!baby mama) about the Immortality thing.  So he goes to Joe’s.  <3!  Everyone goes to Joe’s!  Joe is a sweetheart now that he’s not trying to be Secretive Watcher, I will give him that.  He’s just a nice guy.

They also use the Confession Trope again so the bad guy can try to find Mac.  Richie STILL doesn’t know what to do about Donna, so he’s talking to Mac about it again.  Lots of talking.  And, of course, Mac defeats the Immortal right when Richie was trying to explain what was happening because Kern came in and busted up his apartment, so Richie decides this is all too dangerous.  He’s probably right, but it’s still a sad day for both him and Donna and everyone who wants this show to have a happy ending.  There is no happy ending with Immortality.


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