Finally, the Story Behind the Katana

“The Samurai,” originally aired September 26, 1994.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Did you always wonder how a Scotsman got a samurai sword?  Finally, the answer!

But first, we are…somewhere, and someone is having an affair on her husband?  Yes, that is what is happening, and so her husband is going to kill him with a really nice samurai sword.  I think this guy’s got a little Japanophilia.  What’s the term for it?  Anyway.  So she tries to kill him in response, and I imagine he’s going to be immortal.  Just a hunch, because usually when people are killed right at the start of the episode, they come back.

But then we go to the dojo and CHARLIE IS BACK :D.  I MISSED YOU SO MUCH.  And the woman is waiting for Mac because Mac’s “family” swore to protect hers generations ago.  So she asks him to help her for murdering her husband.  So he has to head out to Japan and Charlie gives him crap for it.  CHARLIE IS SUCH A STAR.  I appreciate him more in a full run through, I will admit.  Anyway, so Midori and Mac start their investigation thing and YEP her husband is back.  ARE YOU SURPRISED?  They don’t even make it to Japan for a while.

So flashback time, Mac remembers meeting Hideo Koto and learning about Japanese culture and lots of cool fighting.  Hilarity ensues because cultural differences.  Mac tries to settle things with her husband, and Charlie fights off his goons from trying to kidnap her.  Charlie<3  Mac finishes his flashback of why the family is so important–his host when he washed up on Japan’s shores broke the rules by not immediately killing the gaijin, so he had to commit honor suicide.

Mac, of course, has to fight and behead the husband and then he goes back into the shadows to protect the Koto family 4evar.

This is a nice season opening.  It gets us out of the West, explains a bit about Mac’s sword FINALLY, and also lets Charlie be the baddest of badasses.


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