Highlander Rewatch Blog Update

In lieu of a Season 2 recap (it was good.  Go watch it.  But not as good as Seasons 3-5, which are love), I just wanted to send out a brief note.

Due to other projects that I really want to get done at some point in my life, I have decided, for now, that this blog will remain as only the Highlander Rewatch Blog AND that I will increase posts to be daily.  That’s right, get your daily fix of Highlander: The Series and Highlander: The Raven.  It should be completed by November at this rate.  Crazy!

This is definitely a labor of love for one of my favorite shows, and rewatching it all in order has really given me a new appreciation for it.  It can be cheesy and very ’90s, but it has good heart and good acting overall, and I love it very dearly.  It can teach us a lot of valuable lessons and also complicated white&black views of the world.  I hope you’re enjoying it, too!

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