Mac Has Issues

“Counterfeit (Part 2),” originally aired May 23, 1994.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Hello, friends!  So Mac is feeling weird things about what’s happening, and even thinks he saw Tessa.  Madness!  But then he goes to meet Joe, who talks about a hacker in Watcher files.  While Mac continues to explore the leads, he finally runs into “Tessa” and gets very confused.  We see the flashback of him telling Tessa about his immortality–the old “shoot me and see what happens” routine.  Is this ever a good way to tell someone you’re Immortal?  Anyway, fake Tessa and Mac decide to go out to dinner, and Richie runs into them and correctly goes WTF.  Everything is going according to Horton’s plan when he shoots Richie (who was trying to get Joe’s help on the whole fake Tessa issue, and they start bonding over it) and Mac falls in love with fake Tessa.

Mac realizes that fake Tessa is a conlady.  Then he realizes she’s a sociopath.  And then Horton tries to kill them both.  He’s more successful with one than the other.  Horton tries to run away hilariously (seriously, some people just look funny when they run.  myself included) when Joe and Joe’s gun try to get him.  Mac does stab Horton this time–dead for good?  Probably not.

Although fake Tessa was evil, we all feel a little bad because we still miss Tessa.  Mac decides he should probably leave Paris, because it’s the end of the season–er, because he’s sad.  But at least now he and Richie leave together on good terms.  And off they go, into the sunset<3

The show is really picking up, but look forward to Season 3.  Best.  Season.  Yet.


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