Horton Hears a (Woman) Who (Can be Moulded to be Tessa)

“Counterfeit (Part 1),” originally aired May 16, 1994.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Oh, Horton.  We knew it wouldn’t be long until you were back to avenge your Immortal BFF.  He sends some guy to go out and “earn his money” by listening to Queen at a carnival.  Okay, not really, he’s becoming Richie’s friend, and as per usual, Mac is conveniently suspicious of him and will be proven right.  Meanwhile, a female convict is kidnapped.  Okaaaay.

MacLeod has a random flashback about some guy he met when he was poaching a bear.  The big guy saved him just to behead him, which taught Mac not to trust people who save your life.  So he’s investigating Richie’s friend while Horton is giving the conlady a facelift and art history lessons.  Hrm.

This is all strange.  And when the evil Watchers kill Richie’s friend, Richie rightfully takes it out on Mac while Horton gets to feel all smug about this, his greatest coup.  Nothing he ever does after this will live up to this.  Because when the gauze is removed from conlady —- SHE IS TESSA.



This is going to cause some major drama next episode.


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