The Prodigal Son Parable, Now With More Beheadings

“The Prodigal Son,” originally aired May 9, 1994.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

If you guessed from the title that this is an episode about Richie, you’re right!  But he’s not nearly fun-loving enough to be the biblical prodigal son.  Now, Richie’s…around, and he’s looked better (emotionally.  Physically, he looks really good tbh).  Someone is stalking him, and he probably should know better than to draw his sword in the middle of the gas station, but he’s had a hard time.  Of course, then the guy at the gas station gets stabbed, and Richie gets framed for it because HE HAS A SWORD.  He flees the scene, and he really should notice the sports car following him.

Maurice and Mac meanwhile are having a cute morning at the barge (but not as nice as his conversations with Charlie.  I miss you, buddy) when Richie arrives.  Mac is a little douchey towards him–more like the older brother than the father–and turns out when Richie was in Spain, some Immortal started stalking him and killing mortals to frame Richie.  Mac thinks that maybe this guy is actually trying to get to him.  Arrogant much?  Or Main Character Syndrome?  Either way, we get a flashback of Mac’s memory of a guy like this (Martin Hyde).  And shock, Hyde gets the information from Maurice that Richie and Mac are in the barge, and he calls the cops on him.  Oh, darn.  But Mac and Richie at least awkwardly make up, because Richie wasn’t sure he’d be welcome (it was a pretty brutal send off from Mac), but they’re still friends<3 Aww<3

But Richie gets arrested.  Hyde is all Most Dangerous Game Man, but Mac uses a pulley to get himself away from his maniacal laughter.  Mac realizes that he has to figure something out to get Richie out of prison.  I don’t think there’s a single police officer since that guy in Season 1 who has liked Mac, though.

Things take a turn for the weirder when Hyde is communing with guns or something.  But Mac finds a way to draw him out and let the cops see him swinging his sword.  GOOD THINKING, MAC.  Except Hyde was shot and fell and I’m pretty sure the cops are going to notice he didn’t die. But they didn’t notice right away, because he’s in the morgue and Richie gets out.  Yay!  But then Hyde starts killing people at the station, you know.  Richie and Mac have to flip a coin or something about who gets to kill who. Mac wins because Hyde killed an old friend of his.  Mac wins, whew.

And then we get another one of the best shots of the show, of Richie and Mac drinking on the stairs.  Precious ones<3  Precious episode<3 Welcome back, Richie.


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