Rebecca Horne: Professional Awesome Person

“Legacy,” originally aired May 2, 1994.

Rebecca and her lover guy are being cute, but then Luther comes up and grabs him to use him to get Rebecca to give up her sword.  Sigh.  Not cool, Luther.  Not cool.  Every teacher’s got that one rebel student, right?  Like Luther, who likes to hit himself with a cat-o-nine.  Okey dokey.  His underlings are told to go to Rebecca’s funeral for…reasons…

Meanwhile, Mac and Maurice are chatting when Amanda drops in.  Mac’s always suspicious, but eventually, she admits she’s there because of Rebecca.  Then she flashbacks to her days in plague England when Rebecca saved her.  At the funeral, Mac remembers the first time he met the sassiest duo of Amanda and Rebecca.  His life was downhill from there.  But now, while trying to distract her, he takes her to a museum, and some dudes steal her necklace from Rebecca.  HMM.  Mac and Amanda realize that Luther is trying to get all the parts of the necklace because of some prophecy of how powerful it will make you.  Amanda plans to go face Luther, but Mac sneaks out to go kill him in the morning–he doesn’t believe in the whole magic crystal thing, and Luther makes the good point that HE’S IMMORTAL, HE SHOULD BELIEVE EVERYTHING.

Luther sneaks out, so Amanda does go have to find him.  She doesn’t want to be saved by MacLeod, which would be a really nice statement, if she didn’t get saved by MacLeod at the end of the episode.  But she does try to fight, then Mac solves the problems as per usual.  The end.

All I want is more Rebecca Horne.


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