Affirming the Capitalist Regime

“Warmonger,” originally aired March 14, 1994.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

So, some Russian(?) president wants peace, yay, but his advisor shoots him to, well, be a warmonger, I guess.  Check the episode title.  He’s also apparently a fan of the ballet, because he runs into Mac while he’s there, and Mac is like wtf at the reporter and the old man who want to shoot him.  What an exciting night at the ballet, and really, Mac realizes he’d rather not go to the ballet.  He’d also not go with the reporter who was invited to a dinner with Drakov (the warmonger).  The flashback explains why: he wants anarchy because then immortals can hang out at the top instead of hiding in the shadows.  So he’s going to carefully manipulate Russia, then Europe, THEN ZE WORLD fall into chaos.  But since he was in charge and he was going to execute some of Mac’s friends, Mac vowed never to behead him so his friends would be let go.

Immortal problems.  Again.

Anyway, the reporter goes to the dinner, and Mac shows up, and things are all sassy and awkward because we all know Drake is evil.  In fact, the old man from the ballet does assassinate him after dinner is over.  You know, as much as a mortal can, which isn’t very good work.  The old man is super pissed at Mac for being no help, too, but he’s about to die, so, his bad opinion probably doesn’t matter.  And Drake is just assassinating people left and right.  Meanwhile, Maurice is laying out the life advice, because we need someone to cheer us up with Charlie and Richie not around.  The reporter gets kidnapped by Drake (so she can be killed if Mac attacks him), and Mac ambushes the embassy because diplomatic immunity is for suckers (and not immortals).  And he decides screw his honor, too, and fights Drake.  So…so much for not taking the law into your own hands, buddy.  Mac’s never a hypocrite, what.  But he does manage to rescue the reporter, too.  So… fine.  Things are fine.  This episode is fine.  Let’s move along.


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