It Was the One-Armed Man

“Unholy Alliance (Part 2),” originally aired February 28, 1994.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Welcome back, to friend and I watching this best show ever.  And I knew this two-parter was good, but I am pleasantly surprised at just HOW good it is.

So, Mac and Detective Agent Lady are having a nice date at the dojo apartment, when Joe interrupts with information (and appeals to their friendship).  Mac sneaks away from Lady to follow the lead where…Xavier is hitting on Horton?  I think?  In any event, the two of them are mighty fine villains.  But Horton runs to leave Xavier to the fight–but then he comes back with a helicopter for his beloved Xavier.

I am beginning to ‘ship this weird hated enemies working together pair… Bickering odd couple ftw.

Mac consults with Charlie about what’s happening, and then heads to Paris, where Secret Detective Lady gives him a lift and we all STILL FEEL REALLY BAD THAT TESS ISN’T HERE.  TESSAAAAAAAA.  Because this is the first time back in Paris since we lost the love of our life.  The barge is not the same without her (But at least Maurice decided to crash in uninvited, and you can’t not love him.)

Mac does his snooping thing and also talks to an old friend to try to figure out where Xavier is.  There’s lots of shooting, of course.  Lots and lots.  But Mac and the Detective Lady find Xavier and Horton, and Horton runs (again), but this time Joe shoots him. ;_;  This might be the first appearance of Joe’s Gun, but it will not be the last.  Meanwhile, this time, Xavier has escaped.  But Mac knows how to trace him with caviar, and uses the help of Maurice (who has taken over his barge.  I LOVE MAURICE SO MUCH) to find it.  Mac goes to Xavier’s house, and they have a very fun fight sequence.  Mac makes up with the Special Agent Lady, and I have to say, she’s really grown on me.  I think I could live with her being the next mortal romantic interest (even though I don’t think we see her again).  (And yes, Horton isn’t actually dead.  This episode doesn’t even try to fool us, he’s stalking them at the end, being a better watcher than Joe.)


Next time will not nearly be this fun, but we’ll get through it!


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