This Alliance is so Wrong it’s Right

“Unholy Alliance,” originally aired February 21, 1994.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

XAVIER ST. CLOUD IS BACK.  Using evil watchers to help him kill immortals, too.

But Mac doesn’t know that.  He’s just chatting with Charlie, as he usually does, and attacks some guy following him, also as usual, but it turns out that the guy is Charlie’s friend.  “Friend.”  Mhmm.  Anyway, when Mac returns to the dojo, there’s Joe telling him about the killing done by mortals teamed up with an Immortal.

Now, really, if the Watchers were any good at their job, they would already be on scene to SEE the killings happen, right?

But Mac has some feelings about mortals interfering in immortal fights because of a flashback.  He’s thinking about skipping town for a while because of this stuff, but then Xavier busts in with his shoot-em-up crew and they, obviously Shoot Up the dojo.  Mac hits the fire alarm, so they decide to leave, but whew.  Charlie is not going to buy that you’re normal now, Mac.  And we get reconfirmation that Charlie’s friend is working with Xavier, who likes to spin people in chairs when he interrogates them.  What?  But anyway, Mac and Charlie team up to talk to Davis (the friend), who is of course very dead by now.  Joe only knows that Xavier did this, but he missed Xavier trying to kill Mac because he is THE LITERAL WORST WATCHER EVER.  Later, Mac gets pulled into a trap, of course, and Undercover Special Agent Delaney is asking all the questions about Davis, which Mac does not offer the answers to.

Charlie, meanwhile, is mourning his dojo and is continually upset Mac doesn’t trust him.  Especially since he was in the special ops.  So he sneaks after Mac when he’s going to confront Xavier because COME ON.  So Mac has to knock him out.  Sigh.  #SorryCharlie.  Then Xavier and Mac fight, and Xavier really should have put a sword on his claw.  Unfortunately, Charlie wakes up.  Doubly unfortunate, Horton is helping Xavier.  So.  Both Mac and Charlie get shotgunned.  The Special Agent helps him get to the hospital (the Special Agent really reminds me of the season one reporter Randi, but with more rank).  Charlie, who is critically injured versus the a-okay MacLeod, is like WTF are you, Mac.  GOOD QUESTION.

Mac and Special Agent Lady meanwhile are testing out whether this will be the show’s next ‘ship.  But Mac is mostly interested in yelling at everyone.  HE JUST NEEDS TO TELL CHARLIE THE TRUTH.  TELL HIM, MAC.  TELL HIIIIIIIIM.  Mac even breaks into Horton’s tomb, where Horton confronts him with MIND GAMES and the PLAN WITH XAVIER and USING THE NAME OF THE EPISODE.  So Mac figures out Joe’s address to stalk the stalker.  I mean watch the watcher.  I mean spy the spyer?  Anyway.  Horton has set it up so perfectly that Joe is with Horton when Mac arrives just to see them sail off into the night together.


Special Agent Lady gives the whole ‘what are you, you can’t do this alone’ and Mac gives the whole ‘it’s ~dangerous~ to be my friend’ and basically, we’ve gotten nowhere this episode.  Joe does admit that he knew Horton was alive but he exiled him from the Watchers.  Well, that screwed everyone over.  Well done, Joe.  What DOES Joe know?  Nothing.  He knows nothing, ever.

Next time, maybe Joe will get a clue.  (Despite appearances, I really do love Joe, but there’s a lot of fail.  But he’s got SO MUCH HEART.)


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