Two Men and a Baby

“Bless the Child,” originally aired February 14, 1994.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Hello, friends!  Ooh, minin’ versus cattle.  There’s going to be blows.  But probably more blows because of the woman kidnapping the baby, though, which Mac and Charlie see after they awake from their tent.  The duo goes down because the truck just crashed.  So they all escape from the racists with rifles/RWR ™, who inevitably turn on one another, as we’ve learned they always will (see, “Mountain Men”).

Meanwhile, Mac and the crew finds a place to rest for the night AND CHARLIE AND MAC ARE THE CUTEST WITH THE BABIES.  Charlie’s right, Mac needs kids of his own.  This reminds Mac of a time a NYE party got busted in the Roaring ’20s where his current girlfriend wanted to have his babies.  Nobody blames her.  And then Charlie wakes them up because they have to fight a bear.  Or something.  LOL, what what what is happening?  Anyway, they all escape, all it well.  So far.  Except then the woman (Sara) escapes and leaves the boys with the baby.  But the boys get her back.  Unfortunately, they figure out that she actually kidnapped RWR Hoskins’ kid and this isn’t HER baby, because her baby died of mercury poisoning from their mines.  Oh.  So, that puts Mac and Charlie in an awkward place.  Mac goes out and makes peace with the old man because everyone has a lot of emotions right now.  Unfortunately, the very evil member of the group goes after Sara anyway, but Hoskins shoots him before he can hurt the baby, and then…well, things go about as well as they can, I guess.  It’s all very sad, but that’s life.

Everyone feels bad about their lives and their choices, the end.

Until next time!

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