Moar Boxing

“The Fighter,” originally aired January 31, 1994.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Hello, friends.  It’s to the boxing ring we go this time–just like the first Highlander film!  Mac’s ~Old Friend~ (aka Immortal) is Sully, a boxing coach/manager/all of the above.  Mac takes them out for drinks (per Sully’s suggestions).  At the bar is a waitress and her alcoholic brother, and the waitress is WAY too young for Sully but he adores her all the same.  He needs Mac’s help because he’s pretty worthless with ladies on his own.  I sort of adore his goofiness even though I know it’s going to a terrible place.  And underneath that goofiness, he might actually kill the people trying to poach his fighter.  He has some problems, convincing everyone to do things for him, like making Mac bare-knuckle fight back in the day.  Charlie gets forced into giving Sully dating tips, and it’s so adorable.  And then Charlie and Mac have adorable conversations like what it would be like to fight in the ring.  I JUST LOVE THESE CHARACTERS.  I JUST LOVE MAC AND CHARLIE SHOOTING THE BREEZE.  Seriously.  They just have interesting conversations every episode, and I would watch a whole episode of them just sitting around talking.  Or walking around.  Generally, they’re walking or working out while they talk.  I’m good with that.

But then the poacher basically prostitutes the waitress Iris to the fighter, which…does not go over well with Sully, and he beats up his fighter.  Iris’ alcoholic brother tries to have a Word with the poachers, but that also doesn’t go well.  Sully does patch thing up with his fighter, though, and all is well…until Charlie tells Mac that the poacher is dead.


Mac suspects so.  And Sully admits it, but because Iris’ brother is being used to blackmail her into doing whatever they say.  So.  You know.  In the grand scheme of Highlander morality, he’s more or less not terrible.  Iris concurs when Mac approaches her that nobody liked the evil poacher and nobody misses him.

But then the fighter is killed :/  And so Sully’s gone a bit on the murdering spree side (whoops, slippery slope), and Mac is Not Okay with that.  So they fight in the abandoned boxing ring, and it’s a little sad, because I was rooting for Sully to not go on a murdering spree and somehow work out things with Iris and be adorable together.  Part of Mac probably was, too, so he has to do his therapeutic workout.  Immortal friends taking liberty with life and death are sad.  #highlanderlessons  We will probably see this lesson again.  Until next time!

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