Business Assassinations Always Fail

“Epitaph for Tommy,” originally aired November 29, 1993.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Hello, friends!  Here we are, born to be kings.

Duncan is out for his typical jog (I guess it’s typical, and yet he keeps his sword in his car.  Unwise), when he gets attacked by Anthony Galen, so they fight on an abandoned roller coaster, which is my new favorite place to have a fight.  But when someone notices them, Anthony escapes and runs over the bystander (Tommy Banner).  While laughing.  Wow, dude.  Duncan tries to save the guy’s life by administering CPR (which, I’m no expert in biology, but that doesn’t seem to be the go-to for getting hit by a car).  Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t work, and the guy dies.  Duncan, of course, feels really bad about it, and Richie tries to make him feel better.  He does not succeed, but Duncan does go to the funeral.  There, he has a flashback when he had another duel with a guy because he slept with his fiance (oops!) and the woman got stabbed accidentally (mega oops).  Moral: don’t duel over women.  At that funeral, Mac had a really bad time because her parents blamed him.  This funeral, Tommy’s mom is a lot nicer, maybe because she’s also a Highlander.

Mac is starting to get a bigger picture of Tommy’s job as a journalist, and some things are suspicious.  Maybe that’s why Galen wanted to kill Tommy?  Honestly, I just assumed Galen wanted to kill him because he saw immortals dueling.  Apparently, that’s not a good enough reason.  I guess it WAS suspicious Tommy was stopping by an abandoned park.  So the Duo investigates (Richie and Mac, that is), and Tommy’s friend, the daughter of the reporter tycoon who also works at the reporting company.  or something.  I don’t know what she does, seems to be helping Mac.  Richie has a more entertaining time with the reporters, but Tommy was a freelance undercover guy, so they don’t know much.  He does want to interview the hot daughter, but Mac calls dibs.  The reporter tycoon (Tommy’s boss, ultimately) lives in a pretty expansive place, and he also knows how to do research, so he is Very Suspicious about Mac.  Mac proves that he is a very intelligent antiques dealer, but still, the reporting tycoon has nothing to say about Tommy.

Mac, of course, gets followed and beats that person up, who was sent by the tycoon because he thinks Mac’s a hit man (logical).  And we learn that tycoon’s daughter is hooking up with Galen.  Oh ho ho.  Tommy’s mom is also getting suspicious because she got a lot of money in Tommy’s will.  I guess the daughter hired Galen to blow up her dad.  Because that just happened.  So, that was intense.  Poor Johnson the security guard is not going to get a job after this, but the daughter is keeping him hired (for now), and he has to take out Mac now, because Mac realizes the truth.  Unfortunately, daughter is greedy and shoots Galen.  Mac doesn’t realize, though, what Tommy has to do with Galen et al., but it has to mean something.  So he goes back with Richie to try to find the answers and the briefcase Tommy lost at the abandoned park, and Tommy was researching the whole assassination plot.  OOH.  Okay.  What really matters is that Duncan and Galen fight with strobing lights.  Abandoned amusement parks are the BEST PLACES to fight.  Especially because the Quickening makes the rides go.  Creepy~

So justice has been served, and we’re reminded of what we’ve already learned: “Human life is too fragile.”  Being around Immortals is super dangerous for everyone.  The end.  Pretty nice episode, all in all.  Would watch again.  But not now, because we are moving quickly through Season 2.  Next time!

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