Baseball and White Savior Complexes

“Run for Your Life,” originally aired November 22, 1993.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.  This episode is about racism.

Yessss, Carl Robinson.  I love this guy, and Civil War/Reconstruction episodes on “Highlander” are probably my favorite.  Anyway.  Back in the day, Carl and some bros are going to get lynched for…idk being black, but white savior MacLeod comes in for the rescue, frees them, and then takes the bullets.  nbd, he’s immortal.  Easy to do the right thing when you can’t get killed.  And now in the present day, Carl Robinson (who is immortal, too, fyi) is busting people for drugs or something (shallow sidebar, he is so attractive.  I mean, he spends basically the entire episode with his shirt unbuttoned) and Mac and Charlie are talking about…digestion and nutrition.  These guys have the weirdest conversations in this show.  But you learn a lot, so.  I like it.  Okay.  Carl steals Charlie’s car to get away, though, so oops.

And hey, Jim Byrnes sings the musical interlude for the lynch mob chase sing.  Nice job, Highlander.

Anyway, in this flashback, Carl Robinson escapes the lynch mob and reveals he wants to play baseball.  But maybe he’ll be president instead to make some changes.  I love you, Carl, NEVER CHANGE.

But he does change and gets really disillusioned.  We return to present day, and Mac is cruising around grooving to some music.  I guess he’s looking for Carl.  He is, and Mac sees his diploma from Howard and his baseball photos, and aww, Carl, such potential.  But Mac’s just trying to get Charlie some retribution for his poor crashed car.  Meanwhile, Charlie is dealing with racism himself dealing with the police to try to catch Carl.  fyi, Highlander wants us to know that racism exists and it’s bad.  SUBTLE, SHOW.  Carl even calls Mac out for having a white savior complex.  But when Carl goes to pay for Charlie’s car, Charlie says the cops want him for murder in Arizona.


And then Charlie and Carl get in a big old bitch fight because Charlie isn’t 100% black and Carl is all WHATEVER YOU’RE BASICALLY WHITE, and there’s just a lot of anger.  “Deep down inside, everybody’s a racist.”  THANKS, CARL.  BE AN OPTIMIST.  Of course, one of the cops is a SUPER racist and runs over Carl, so, you know…Carl’s justified.  But it might be because the racist cop is an immortal, too, given that he’s about to axe off Carl’s head before he gets interrupted.  Poor Carl.  Living Pre-Civil War through the present day really, really sucks.  But aww, segregation is declared unconstitutional.  CARL HAS HOPE.  Which crashes and burns apparently over the next thirty years.

But we realize cop is not Immortal but a Hunter.  SIGH.  Evil Watchers are the WORST.  Carl doesn’t really believe it, but it’s true.  So this guy not only hates black guys but also immortals.  Thankfully, Mac talks to the racist cop’s partner who is not racist, so he gets them taken care of.  And Carl returns to playing baseball and his hope for humanity is slightly restored.

I’m already ready for the next Carl Robinson episode.  Such a great recurring character.  And the introduction of the Watchers/Hunters proves once again to be a very useful way to have an exciting storyline without making the Immortals fight each other!  Whee!


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