Don’t Use Real Gangs to Write a Script

“Revenge of the Sword,” originally aired November 15, 1993.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Yay, a martial arts film!  I have to say, Civil War episodes, Germany episodes, and martial arts episodes are my favorite type-episodes in this show, I think.

Anyway, they’re filming a movie at the dojo, and one of the extras dies :O.  Mac is unimpressed by that, but more unimpressed by the star Jimmy’s attitude.  Charlie tries to defend him, since he helped raise/train Jimmy and the kid had a hard life, which makes Mac flashback to his father’s betrayal.  He also has flashbacks to people shutting down the business of Irish immigrants as he realizes people are trying to stop Jimmy’s movie.  Mac gets brought in and has a sassy time with some sort of Chinese mafia or something.  I wasn’t paying a ton of attention.  But Charlie confronts Jimmy about the role of the Tongs in the script, which is I guess the group that is trying to kill him.  Mac has to spar with Jimmy to get him to spill the information about the truth behind the movie script, but Jimmy just leaves after the battle is over.  He goes to talk to someone, where Mac finds him and realizes that Jimmy did join the Tongs as a kid, for protection and so forth, and when Mac tries to convince him to stand up for himself, there’s another drive-by shooting.  Jimmy goes off for revenge and gets put into a coffin for cremation.  He has a lot to learn.  Jimmy feels bad about his life choices, and Mac gives him a pep talk to go back to being a star and not hiding and gardening.  Aww.

Despite the brevity of this post, I did enjoy this episode.  And I like that it was another one that actually had nothing to do with Immortals.  It would be cool to see Jimmy again, but alas, I’m pretty sure we don’t.  But we will see other exciting guest starts, so see you soon.


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