Amanda Part Deux

“The Return of Amanda,” originally aired November 8, 1993.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Hello, friends!  It’s another exciting episode of Highlander.  So, back in WWII-era Germany, Amanda is singing in a cabaret and counterfeiting money.  Seems about right.  But back in present day, Duncan and Richie are fencing when Amanda drops into the dojo–all disguised as a fencer, too.  She tries to make a move on him since Tessa is gone, but Mac is pretty sure that’s a scam and takes her to the hotel.  It is a scam of some sort, because people with guns are in her room.  Mac remembers being in Germany with her, too, when Mac is trying to sneak out Albert Einstein* from Germany (*not actually Einstein) and there’s lots of betrayals to Nazis.  Amanda, in her special way, helps/hinders Mac at the last second, and she flies off the plane with the prof while Mac fights the Nazis.

Since Amanda doesn’t know these people, Mac thinks that she’s being attacked by the Hunters.  She’s worried, but at least she succeeds in seducing Mac.  She sneaks out the next day to go shopping with his money, and the people are still after Amanda, but they run off.  After a fight, Mac realizes that these men are FBI and not Hunters.  Oh, Mac is annoyed now.  The FBI agent finds them at Mac’s apartment, and he reveals that he’s searching for the plates that Amanda smuggled out of Germany all those years ago.  And he wants them for himself.  Mwahaha.  He shoots Amanda and Mac to get them, but then he gets arrested and Amanda swans off now that Mac has solved her problems, but they make up first.  The end.

I like the WWII episodes almost as much as the Civil War episodes.  And Amanda and Mac are being their typical on-again, off-again selves.  I still really miss Tessa and will never be over that, but Amanda and her total lack of concern for anyone is pretty entertaining. [nb: she does care about people.  She just really cares about herself and living in the excitement of the moment.  So.  I wouldn’t trust her with anything.]

But on that, let’s keep going through Season 2.  See you next time, friends.


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