Get in the Zone

“The Zone,” originally aired November 1, 1993.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

So, someone (Canaan) is stirring up the poor against the rich with discussion of institutional racism in the Zone, and the crowd kills someone among them.  Right oh.  But meanwhile at the dojo, Mac and Charlie are being fun and sparring and talking about the history of techniques when Joe turns up.  AGAIN.  He asks Mac to look into Canaan because the guy he killed was a Watcher.  AGAIN.  Seriously, Joe.  You are the WORST at secret societies.  But Mac agrees to investigate and Charlie insists on going with him because an affluent white guy is not going to make friends in the Zone, which has become even worse since Charlie was a kid.  Charlie takes Mac to see the woman running the clinic and saving lives and taking names, Asia.  Nobody wants to give him any answers, and he remembers a time back when poor workers are trying to unionize and strike, which ended well for nobody involved.  They do run into Canaan, though, so Mac knows he’s not immortal.  He could stand around doing nothing, but he’s Mac, so he’s going to stop Canaan from putting lots of guns in the Zone and making things worse.  He tries to call Joe in to help, but Joe just wants to watch (S-I-G-H).  That’s not enough for Mac, and he almost gets himself killed, but immortal, so it’s all okay.  Charlie rounds up the troops and they meet at the clinic, and everyone is working together to take back the Zone and get some equality.  YAY.  But it’s a trap.  BOO.  There’s a big fight, and Mac and Asia end up in a freezer.  Canaan, meanwhile, returns to where Charlie is meeting people and beats him up.  Mac and Asia escape, and then Mac takes out Canaan.  Yay.

Now, Charlie figures that there is something special about Mac, but he can’t quite figure it out.  And that is for the best.  Dun dun dun.

Stay tuned, friends!


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