In Which Richie is the Best Swordsman Ever

“Eye for an Eye,” originally aired October 25, 1993.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

The most important thing about this episode is that Mac trains Richie with a katana, but gives him a rapier when the training is done, and Richie can still fight with that.  That isn’t how swords work.  But if I wanted accuracy, I’d be watching a different show.


Now that Tessa is dead, Mac is doing his hair differently.  He also bought the dojo.  Richie makes sure he buys lunch, too, and they talk about being an immortal when they sense one, so they find her and she’s an Irish terrorist who is trying to kill the British ambassador because, again, not subtle, full of stereotypes.  Mac is SO NOT PLEASED that Richie wrestles with this woman and the automatic weapon goes off all over the place, killing her own husband accidentally, so he starts training him for real.  Charlie thinks that Mac is going too hard on Richie, especially because the terrorist killed herself…but Mac knows it’s not so easy.  So we all know Annie’s going to be coming for his head now.  And she does.  Despite Mac and Charlie’s training, Richie gets chased down by the terrorists.

He does manage to escape in one of my favorite shots from the show, driving his bike through a window.

So Mac has to find her while Richie heals and continues his training, and learning about Charlie’s rough childhood from being mixed race, which isn’t ideal for Mac because he used to like Annie and all.  But they manage to share some alcohol and have sex, and maybe it’ll be okay.  hurt/comfort, yo.  Mac is a lot upset the next morning when she doesn’t want to cuddle (metaphorically) and is still set on killing Richie.  So Richie goes behind Mac’s back to the Seacouver Lighthouse to fight her.  I guess there’s only one lighthouse.  Richie even beat her (damn, boy, you’re good at this), but he can’t cut off her head because GUESS WHAT not actually easy to suddenly start chopping off people’s heads.  And I like that at least they give us this moment for someone to actually freak out about that.  It is perhaps one of the best, thoughtful moments (only ruined slightly by Richie’s massive scream.  Okay, we get that it’s bad.  Not sure the scream was realistic, though).

But after all the episodes involving mental illnesses for Immortals, it does break your heart to see how bad things might be for Richie here.  I hope it makes he okay…  But Mac brings it to realism when he sends off Richie to the world with his new sword….

Mac: “Take good care of it.  Live with it, make it part of you.  It might be the only friend you have.”


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