Now Introducing the Dojo

“Turnabout,” originally aired October 11, 1993.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

And Philip Akin added to the intro.  Hooray!

What kind of man attacks a priest at his execution?  The priest keeps it Latin, though, as Quenten Barnes gets fried.  I guess that he’s immortal?  That’s just my suspicion.  But in the present, Mac is looking for a place to workout (I guess his Season 1 WAREHOUSE was sold) and ends up at DeSalvo’s Martial Arts Dojo where he has to spar with the owner (Charlie DeSalvo<3) to get an invite to join the club.

Yeah, I totally watch this show for the plot.

Joe Dawson finds Mac at the dojo and warns him that the Barnes guy’s body is missing since he was executed 30 years ago–because over the course of two whole episodes, Joe has forgotten observe, record, and NEVER interfere.  NEVER INTERFERE.  JOE.  PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR RULES.  Mac is pretty unimpressed by Joe, too, but leaving the dojo he runs into his old friend Michael Moore who wants revenge on Barnes because he killed one of his nurses. [I am beginning to have suspicions that Barnes&Moore are the same person, but I do not 100% remember this episode].  But getting in touch with Moore makes Mac reach out to Joe, but Joe now invokes his ~rules~.  Dude, Joe, you’re in or you’re out.  GO BIG OR GO HOME.  So he goes big because Joe falls like a house of cards ALWAYS.  Watcher, smatcher.  But Quenten is doing his thing and killing that priest from the beginning of the episode.  And Moore is doing his thing and getting all anxious and waiting for Mac to solve his problems (which is fair).

Now, Tessa is a really nice human being and goes for a walk with Moore while Mac is at the priest’s murder site.  Tessa is so nice to Moore (who, btw, is the most soccer dad immortal we’ve seen yet).  Anyway, Moore and Mac try to track Barnes down.  But Michael goes missing!  So Mac has to face Barnes.  Tessa and Richie comfort each other while they worry about Mac, because they are a sweet family.

But shock, Moore is not dead, and he gets back to the shop, and Mac comes upon a dead watcher, who Joe explains is the guy who was supposed to give the file to Mac–and must have been dead before he gave it to anyone but Mac.  THEN HOW DID MOORE GET IT, HMM?  But Moore is having some sort of episode (AND RICHIE POINTS OUT IMMORTALS DON’T GET SICK, SO HIS EXCUSE ABOUT FEELING WELL IS DUMB.  Although Immortals do get sick.  Sometimes.  Whatever, the point is SUSPICION).  So yes, we see, Moore does become Barnes because he has a split personality.  It’s almost surprising more Immortals don’t suffer from more mental illnesses, but apparently this pair of episodes is for raising Immortal Mental Health Awareness.  So Barnes is going to kill MacLeod, and this will just be sad, and the long fight scene goes between Barnes and Moore a lot so Duncan feels REALLY BAD.  Then Duncan just has to work out his feels at the dojo, which, no complaints.  He had a lot of feelings.

I didn’t remember this episode well, but I actually really liked it.  Immortal life is hard.


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