An Immortal Therapist Would Make a Lot of Money

“Studies in Light,” originally aired October 4, 1993.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Side note, friends, I really like motorcycle stunts, and I only have a little bit of shame in that.  I would really watch a whole episode of this show that was just motorcycles jumping off of things, which is what a lot of this episode is.  But we don’t really know what’s going on as this episode starts, with someone seeming like live vicariously almost killing his friend in motorcycle stunts.  Then Mac and crew have to go to old friend Gregor’s art show–but Greg is one of the bikers from the beginning of the show.  As I suspected, Gregor’s a little jaded with being immortal and lives vicariously through the pain of others–like his biker friend whom he almost let drown in the opening sequence.  And the people he takes photographs of.  Well.  Immortals do worse things, honestly.  But fun thing, Mac sees a photo of himself from decades ago saving a kid from a fire, after which he gets harassed by a freelance photographer (Linda Plager, who happens to be at the show and it’s in fact her show.  You would think Mac would have noticed that).   Mac makes a philosophical point in the flashback about how the camera shows what people want it to see (and then he becomes Plager’s benefactor).  When a much older and dying Linda sees him at the show, she knows that this is her Mac (and majorly sasses off to her caretaker who thinks she’s senile), but what should he do about it?

Tess, Mac, and Greg the tortured artist go to the racing track, but neither Mac nor Tessa are much in the mood for the race, so they go home to talk about Plager, who is dying and has an episode of illness at the show. 😦 So Mac does go to visit her in the hospital, for old time’s sake since she was the one who broke up with him and they both still care for each other.  He didn’t tell her about the whole immortality thing and that he is her Mac, because that’s a little rude when she’s dying.

Meanwhile, Richie and Greg are sharing their thoughts about immortality, and Greg is :/ and Richie is 😀 because being immortal seems great in the abstract (not really, but Richie is young and puppy-ish).  Richie seems to be touched by the tortured artist angle, and even starts pondering photography.  Tessa is way less sympathetic, since her art is more abstract and less TORTURE AND PAIN.  But Richie starts getting a bit more suspicious of the guy once he almost tries to kill him on his bike, and then they race (because obvious, and this show is the reason for my motorcycle attraction, isn’t it?) but Richie almost gets himself killed showing off.  SIGH.  Greg has really hit a crisis where he doesn’t care about anything, and Mac is sad about that.  He used to be nice, but Mac insists that Gregor still feels since he used to be a doctor but after losing so many people, he quit.  Mentally, that is.  Tessa says he needs therapy, and she’s right, and there really need to be more immortal therapists.  We’ll meet one in Season 4?  Anyway.

*musical interlude while the artist looks at his violent pictures and feels sad*

Now, as someone who has been thinking about mortality recently, I don’t think being mortal makes you any happier, sorry, Greg.  But then he goes to attack Richie because he really needs help.  Or to be beheaded, because he goes and bothers Mac while Mac is trying to be with Linda at the hospital.  And Mac almost beheads him, but that makes Greg sort of wake up and ask for help.  So that’s good, and Mac decides to tell Linda about his immortality and how much he still cares about her and how proud he is of her right before she dies.  brb, sobbing forever here.

I actually really liked this episode, which somewhat surprised me, because I didn’t remember it well.  But I think it’s a sign of the being slightly better about moving into the grey zone and and seeing how hard Immortality is.  Like, either  you go totally crazy and willing to kill humans like most of the bad guys in Season 1, or you go crazy and just want to die like Greg.  Very Sibyl-like (from the Satyricon–“Nam Sibyllam quidem Cumis ego ipse oculis meis vidi in ampulla pendere, et cum illi pueri dicerent: σίβυλλα, τί θέλεις; respondebat illa: ἀποθανεῖν θέλω.

On that uplifting note, have some quotes.  Until next time, friends!

Plager: “I’ll medicate /you/ in a minute.” (good threat)

Tessass: “Were you born sensitive, or did you have to study?”


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