Who Watches the Watchers?

“The Watchers,” originally aired September 27, 1993.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Duncan and the rest of the Highlander universe are still mourning Darius (always), and Richie and Mac are at some super sketchy bar that they probably shouldn’t have gone to, except Mac probably wanted to get into a fight to vent his emotions.  Tessa and MacLeod decide to go back to Seacouver and their matching T-Birds to try to figure out more about Darius’ book.  So he’s going around to the used bookstores, including one owned by Joe Dawson.  We know he’s important because he was in the opening credits.  And because when Mac leaves the book store, he notices someone has laser sights on him.  Mac beats them up, but Joe stops the fight, revealing ~they~ know all about him.  Joe tries to get on his good side by explaining that Watchers just want to, um, watch.  Which is not at all creepy to anyone, especially someone whose priest bff just got beheaded on Holy Ground.  Joe also references the first Highlander movie by doing a computer search on the Kurgan to prove how much he knows (aww, nods).  While they’re talking about things, Joe’s niece Lynn drops in to invite Uncle Joe to her graduation party and steals for fiance, the other bookstore employee and likely Watcher because nepotism gets you jobs.

Meanwhile, Tess and Richie are setting up the antique store and realize they’re being watched, so, could be bad because again DARIUS.  BEHEADED.  So, Richie does his usual tricks and they sneak out.  They made the right call laying low, because when Mac gets back to the store, he’s attacked.  SO ARE WATCHERS EVIL OR NOT?  Sheesh.  Well, he’s pissed and decides to cause a stir by going to Lynn’s graduation party–where Lynn’s father is HORTON THE GUY WHO ALMOST KILLED FITZ WHOA WHAT.  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.  THAT MEANS THAT HORTON AND JOE ARE BROS-IN-LAW WHAAAAAT.  Horton and Mac are all being WEIRD and making passive aggressive statements about being in Paris, and Lynn, poor Lynn who has no idea about Watchers, is like wtf you guys, what, this is my party, bitches.  So Duncan leaves after punching Horton, and Horton has a pow wow with Robert, Lynn’s fiance, over what to do.  Robert thinks he’ll quit this whole hunting immortals thing, so Horton pushes him off the roof.

Okay, so the show still isn’t really subtle.

The next morning, Tessa is flipping tired of waiting to see what happens, so she and Richie got back to the store.  Mac tries to get the truth from Joe, who gives Horton’s number to Mac.  When they all meet up, Joe realizes what Horton’s done, Mac’s realized what Horton’s done, and even LYNN walks in on this and what Horton’s done.  Mac is really tempted to shoot him, and he’s certainly killed people for less, but he doesn’t because Lynn.  Horton doesn’t feel as guilty about all this and does shoot Mac.  THANKS, HORTON, and in the ensuing fight, Mac does stab Horton, but Mac dies from his wounds, so when he comes back, the bookstore and computer and everything is cleared out.  Dun dun dun.  Good choice.  But now MacLeod realizes humans are watching his every move and, um, that could be really bad.

While waiting on what to do: Richie: “He’s there, they’re there, we’re here, nobody’s anywhere!” Tessa: “Did you ever think about running for Congress?” TESSASS.

Horton: “It doesn’t matter if they’re good or evil, Robert, they’re here to dominate us.  They will fight for the right to rule us, and one day that is what they will do.”

DUN DUN DUN the plot continues to thicken.  The Hunters/Watchers episodes are the beeeest.  So now we’re going into a mix of Season 2 episodes, overall better than Season 1, but still some meh, but hey, we’re all the path to Season 4.

So until next time, don’t lose your head!


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