“Nowhere to Run,” originally aired May 8, 1993.  Nostalgia and spoilers within, warning for sexual assault.

When a really sleazy guy coerces his girlfriend (baby Marion Cotillard) into having sex, like an asshole, her father looks like he might kill him.  Meanwhile, Tessa and company go to visit an old friend (and crush) of Tessa–Giles!  I mean Allan.  Always good to see Anthony Head, but unfortunately, his son Mark is the guy who just raped his girlfriend, Lori, and because this show hasn’t quite figured out how to be subtle, the kid is also just an arrogant prick, so we have zero sympathies for him.  The girl’s father (Everett) comes to the estate and–guess what–he’s an immortal, so he and Mac have a little chat about handing the kid over because Immortals (especially ones who are ex-mercenaries) have their own rules.  Mac talks to Mark, who gives the party line of spoiled rich kid and that he doesn’t even know her, and Mac has zero patience for this.  He does have a flashback to a time a soldier was killed for deserting when he really was just going on a mission, so Mac reminds us that one word against another can be very hard, but the show doesn’t let us forget this kid is not sympathetic.

So, things explode pretty quickly from there.  Very literally.  I’m writing this after the fact of watching it (usually, I summarize as I watch), so short version?  Immortal Dad sieges the fancy residence with his mercenary friends, Mac turns all his friends into killers, and Allan gets shot trying to get out with Mark to take him into the cops (at least, I hope that’s the plan, because he does admit what he’s done).  Meanwhile, the girl (Lori) proves to be the only one with any sense, and she tells her father to STOP THE SIEGE WARFARE because he isn’t really getting justice for what happened to her, he’s just male posturing.  My words, but her basic point, and I do applaud her for that.  It takes a lot of strength to say, “yes, this guy is terrible and what happened to me was awful, but men getting revenge for me is just making it about them and not about me and getting me help ffs”.  Tessa, as we always know, is also the only sane person on the other side and gives all the right responses to Mark being an asshole about how Lori “really wanted it” and “she knew she was agreeing to this when she got in the car,” because Tessa just shut that down with a “well, she changed her mind.”  Because yes means yes, bitches.

And then when Mark tries to shoot Immortal dad after a duel with Duncan, Lori shoots him, so that’s been a bad time all around.

Basically, this episode is just really random because who sieges a chateau??  This guy, apparently, but the moral of the story is consent is the name of the game and some men are egomaniacs and should not be allowed to make decisions.


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