You Don’t Have to be a Prostitute

“Avenging Angel,” originally aired May 1, 1993.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

So, a guy (Cahill) is killed because he is having a really bad day and is very mean to prostitutes, but it turns out he’s immortal!  Duncan happens to find him, and he thinks Mac is an angel.  A mistake we’ve all made.  Cahill keeps up with the miracle thing, though, ignoring Mac’s help.  So Mac goes home and explains the situation to Tessa and ~hacks on his computer~, which is adorable in 1993.  Meanwhile, the new immortal is on a crusade to save/stop/whatever the prostitutes and their customers because he had strayed from his father’s overzealous preaching and now he’s swinging back to the religious extreme.  There’s a healthy medium in there, really.

The twist is that Tessa’s friend is a prostitute and one customer was the new immortal’s target.  UH OH.  Duncan puts together that connection when he finds a dead guy on the stairway near her apartment.  Tessa is not thrilled, but goes to try to help out her friend through all this, and Mac tries to deal with Cahill.  You have to feel a little bad for Cahill, abused stepson trope.  Nobody really makes any progress, but at least Elaine (Tessa’s friend) comes to the barge to try get out of the situation, although Elaine’s pimp is (obviously) something of a jerk.  While Mac is helping Elaine, Cahill finds Tessa.  Tessa, being a very smart lady, pretends to be all born again and uses the example of Mary Magdalene to get him to pray with her.  SMART GIRL.  And then he leaves.  Tessa is really good at escaping from crazy ass immortals.  That’s why she’s the best.  I think it must be a superpower.  But, of course, it really upsets her because she has a heart and she’s an artist so she has to ~think like others~ and did not like being in his head.  Duncan goes after him and in one of the most confusing moments of the entire series, they seem to fight on Holy Ground.  I would think anywhere with a big cross would be Holy Ground.  So I’ve got nothing to explain that one.  But there are no consequences for Mac, and hey, Elaine gets to start a new life and our heroes live to see another day, so.  Another adequate episode all around.  I like religious dilemmas, and while this guy does have mental health issues, it isn’t hard to see that if you suddenly get brought back to life, you might think there is something divinely ordained about your life, too.

But the best quote is from Tessa, of course: “Enlightened societies don’t kill their insane, they treat them.”  Speak up for the rights of others, lady!


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