This Episode Already Exploits the Obvious Grace Puns

“Saving Grace,” originally aired March 13, 1993.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Hello, friends.  Welcome to another ‘meh’ episode this week in Highlander Rewatch.  We meet an Immortal lady (Grace) whose boyfriend is having troubles with getting older so he breaks up with her.  Poor timing, because then he gets shot, so that’s a terrible last memory to have.  Later, Darius and Mac are playing some war game, and Grace drops in mourning Paul.  Mac is pretty sure it’s her stalker ex Carlo Sendaro, because some Immortals are really bad at breaking up.  Dude, it’s been like 100 years, let her go.  Anyway.  Mac first met Grace when he was wearing some totally awesome fancy clothes (men need to go back to wearing frocks and waistcoats).  Upon hearing screaming and feeling the buzzing, he assumed bad things, but really, Grace was just being a midwife.  Tessa remains the most model human being ever, and MacLeod has an excellent eyebrow raise when the cops accuse him of being an accessory to murder–because Sendaro of course planted the gun in Grace’s apartment.  So the cops explore the barge, and Tessa and Grace sneak out to be with Darius–where, surprise, is Carlo!  Mac comes there while they’re fighting, and they have a flashback where Mac and Sendaro first met, and Mac warned Grace that this guy is bad news.  Shock, Mac was right, because Sendaro planted the gun just to convince her to run away with him.  Well done, creeper.

Mac and Grace have some nice conversation, trying to figure out a new identity, normal immortal stuff.  Richie and Tessa are helping out, and Carlo yet again finds her hanging out at the cemetery.  Really, someone needs to take his head.  And Mac tries, but Grace is upset and says no more killing.  She’s too nice to be an immortal :/  She does figure out the plan to leave, but the cops finally catch sight of her.  Carlo does, too.  Sigh.  But Mac finds them and Carlo ends up beheaded by a subway train.  CLASSIC.  Grace goes her own way, and while there is too much emphasis about her feelings for Mac, at least no one is crazy jealous (except for Carlo, but).

I don’t think I’ll be watching this episode again anytime soon, but nice to see some variety in Immortal personality types.

Favorite Quote:

Darius: “Well, war in the abstract is a great intellectual puzzle.  But in reality, it’s all blood and tears.”  THIS MAN.  <3_<3


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