“Band of Brothers,” originally aired February 13, 1993.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Hello, friends!

Synopsis: DARIUS.  GRAYSON.  STUFF IS ABOUT TO GET REAL.  So Darius, a monk, is confronted by his old pupil on Holy Ground.  Grayson is apparently upset about the path Darius has chosen (i.e. peace) and wants to kill his old master and others of their cohort.  As you do when you’re about 1800 years old.  Meanwhile, Tessa gets a job offer in Paris and Richie is worried that the family is going to split up.  By the power of coincidence, Duncan just happens to receive a message from Darius who lives in Paris, explaining that Grayson is about to go warpath-y.  Duncan and Richie do some training on Holy Ground while Tessa holds up the shop (because, again, she is the only one who actually works).  The boys talk and bond and stuff; Tessa meets with Grayson and verbally bitchslaps him enough so he backs off.  Tessa is done with being your bargaining chip, Immortals.  Duncan remembers when he first met Darius during the Napoleonic wars, and Darius shows himself probably to be the best Immortal we’ve met on this show yet (while classiest for now goes to Grayson–soon to be overcome by Xavier St. Cloud, but).  There are some more training montages, and Duncan becomes bodyguard for mortal pacifist Paulson, Grayson’s next target.  In another flashback, Duncan killed some mortals who were harassing Darius, because Darius is again a better Immortal than anyone ever and Duncan realizes he needs to go to the New World to work on his anger and violence issues.

Meanwhile, Richie is worried that his parents are breaking up (aka if Tessa is moving to Paris), but MacLeod surprises him with plane tickets and now he’s the happiest boy ever.  MacLeod hopefully will meet them then after facing Grayson, but Grayson is 1400 years older than Mac, so not looking good.  However, Mac is the main character and we’re only mid-way through Season 1, so that does look good.  They have their final showdown at some sort of sulfur factory, one of the most iconic fights in the show.  Grayson, thank you for existing, if only for one episode.

Of course, Duncan makes it to Paris, the gang gets to be friends with Darius, and Duncan buys the famous barge (and points out that, yes, Tessa is the only one gainfully employed.  I’m glad the show knows it).

Now, this episode plays fast and loose with history.  Darius was one of ‘the great generals’ 1500 years ago (was there a club?  Did they rank each other?  Conquer them off the island?), and Grayson was his second-in-command (of what military, exactly?).  They’re also some of the last ‘ancient immortals,’ although honestly, we’ll be getting more and more older ones as the show goes because older immortals are just more fun to put into stories.  Nevertheless, fast and loose history is the best history.  /bad historian

I also realized I must love Darius because he reminds me of Kurt Wagner (a German, a Catholic, with priestly leanings but a playful side and a good warrior), and now I want Nightcrawler/Highlander crossover.  Make it so.

Favorite Quotes:

Grayson: “Look outside your cloister.  What has changed?  The means of destruction only!”

Darius: *looking out over the battlefield* “Oh, I’m sure.  You’re quite loyal to your convictions and compatriots.  But I wonder what these men think about that–about convictions and compatriotism now.” (BURN)

Grayson: “They also say you’re a man of actions rather than words.  Those were ill-chosen, and I’ll ignore them.”

Darius: “I wasn’t always a priest, you know.  When I was a young man, the first thing you had to do when introduced to a woman was compliment her father’s horse.  That…well, that probably doesn’t help you.”

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