This Episode Makes Me Sad

“See No Evil,” originally aired February 6, 1993.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.  While this show always has implied warnings for 90s sensibilities, beheadings, and gratuitous workout scenes, this one is actually some extra disturbing stalking and assault, above and beyond the normal, so.  Let’s just get through this episode.

Hello, friends!

Synopsis: And the huge run of episodes I just barely remember continues.  I think I usually just skip to the Paris episodes for Season 1 (or, honestly, just to Season 3, but I’m getting ahead of myself.  COUGH*METHOS*COUGH).  Anyway, Tessa and Duncan are just the cutest I-guess-common-law-married(?) couple as they go to pitch some of Tessa’s art for a stadium (sidenote: Tessa is the only one who works in this family).  When they arrive, though, Tessa’s friend/potential buyer Natalie is being scalped by a guy wearing an aviator cap?  Well.  That’s a thing.  Never a dull moment in Seacouver.  In the aftermath, Duncan admits to Tessa that this reminds him of some Immortal he knew during a time of amazing fashion (Thanks, 1920s flashback)–someone who had been burned as a witch back in the day because his lady love told everyone he was an Immortal, and so he went totally crazy because of that.  I guess I might if I were burned alive, too.  But Duncan killed THAT immortal, so who can the new creepy serial killer be?  Some weirdo who worships the dead Immortal and apparently works at the park.  He also plays the piano with a very loud metronome.  Meanwhile, the reporter Randi is doing her normal inquisitive thing.  She’s not as much fun as Brenda from the first Highlander film, which is probably what they were going for, so I hope this is the last episode with her.  Anyway, Richie and Duncan go on the search to find the copycat serial killer, who is harassing everyone with fabulous hair.  And the poor victim Natalie.  She’s an understandable mess as Tessa watches over her, mourning the violence of men against her:'( I legit get feels about this, darn you, Highlander.  Normally, you are so tragic it’s silly, but this is really uncomfortable violence, and I feel bad.  But the gang is still the sweetest family together ever, at least.  I remain convinced that Duncan and Tessa could rule the world.  They set up a plan to stop the serial killer by using Tessa as bait, because she has fabulous hair, although another woman gets attacked first, but Tessa gets the honor(?) of running over him.  Tessa: 1, Everyone Else: -10.

Why is Indian the name of a motorcycle?  Is that weird, racist, or both?

Duncan and the crew name their fake movie production Sisyphus Productions, though!  Whoo random classical reference!  I would really not want to work for anything named after Sisyphus, which I guess is the joke because it’s all fake.

But finally, the title.  See No Evil: is the idea that the violence is spreading as people witness evil?  Tessa is certainly distraught at the end about doing such violence against someone, even someone who is an evil serial killer who hurt her friend.  And I am certainly sympathetic to that moral.  As fun as all the beheadings are in la la fiction land, violence is not a good solution:/  And violence around us does affect us, either because it desensitizes us or we act with violence and have to carry the guilt after it.  I had many more feelings with this episode than I needed to this early in Highlander, but this is going to begin the run of episodes that can be summarized as “*wince* too real, too real”.

Favorite Quotes:

Randi: “Who wants to live forever?”

Tessa: “I thought ridding the world of evil would feel better than this.” :((  Tessa, baby, let me hug you.


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