Everyone’s Daddy Issues

“Family Tree,” originally aired December 19, 1992.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Hello, friends!  Ready for some out-of-chronology character de-development?

Synopsis: So in this, the second-episode-used-as-a-later-one, we get treated (“treated”) to an even less mature Richie in his search to find his family.  This does fit better as the second episode because of the acting as well as Richie’s ease with Tessa and Duncan.  But anyway.  Richie decides to try to find his father, which leads Duncan to remember his first death and his separation from his adopted father (since Immortals are all foundlings, technically.  Also, most people don’t take their deceased family returning to life well, if Highlander is any indication).  In his search, Richie finds a recently fired casino dealer who owes a lot of money.  The man, Jack Ryan, may or may not at some point have been a father to Richie.  The show is never clear.  MacLeod gets very protective and suspicious of Jack’s motives.  Richie gets very hurt that MacLeod is jealous.  Lots of feelings.  They try to give Jack the benefit of the doubt, but he steals a mask from the antique store.  Richie is also not a convincing con man, but it’s sweet that he tries.  Also, Richie Ryan as Bart Simpson is about the best metaphor so far.  This show really understands its characters.

This episode is very cheesy, but it’s actually one of my favorite Season 1 (particularly pre-Paris) episodes.  It’s just sweet how the gang has become a family and even though they might not know ~where they came from~, they have each other.  And this gang makes my heart very happy.

Just look at them, and be happy (picture from Season 2, though):

from Pinterest

Favorite Quotes:


MacLeod: You get to decide who you are.  Not many people get that chance.

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