Tessa’s the Boss

“Eyewitness,” originally aired December 12, 1992.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Hello, friends!  Let’s focus on the best character, Tessa Noel.

Synopsis: Funky jams, bad-driver!Richie.  Anyway, Tessa is having a show (which Duncan is missing) and she thinks she sees a murder from out the window.  She reports it to the cops, as you do, but there’s no body or other witnesses, so they sort of ignore it.  But Tessa remains vigilant and starts investigating–she figures out the other artist’s identity and who the likely killer was–her ex!  An immortal is also in town, fighting Duncan, and as we can guess, the Immortal is the artist’s ex.  He is also the Chief of Police in Seacouver (who has somehow escaped MacLeod’s notice, despite MacLeod’s constant interaction with the cops?).  The Immortal decides to eliminate Tessa and her meddling questions once the artist’s body is finally found by putting her into police custody at a safehouse and then blowing up the house.  MacLeod follows her, foils the plan, and then faces the Immortal.  In There End, There Can Be Only One!

There can also only be one awesome blonde woman, because Tessa really pwns Randi in this episode for being a heartless reporter while she is a Badass Artist.  I am not emotionally prepared for next season.  These middle episodes might not be that great, but it makes me dread the future.  If you haven’t seen Highlander before, there is no readying yourself for the future, so just enjoy the present.

Next time, the almost-second-episode of Highlander and one I actually like, even with its complete lack of Immortals other than Mac.  Goodbye, friends!


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