The Episode in Which Russian Accents are Equivalent to Speaking Russian?

“The Sea Witch,” originally aired December 5, 1992.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Hello, friends!  Another episode I really don’t remember well.  Let’s see what happens!

Synopsis: While picking up an antique for the shop (without a car?  Was he planning on carrying it back to Tessa?), Richie runs into an old friend.  And the Russian mafia.  You can see where this is going.  He gets entangled escaping (and in today’s episode of Bad Parent, his friend Nikki left her young daughter Melinda at home by herself, apparently 😦 ), while MacLeod and Tessa get worried about his absence.  Thank goodness, Mac can sense him out quickly, because he was about to get owned by Russian mob.  Nikki does not particularly appreciate being in the protection of the rich, and she and Richie give us lots of attitude from the streets.  Meanwhile, the Russian mob boss (Voshin) realizes that Duncan MacLeod is now in the mix, because he, too, is immortal, and all the immortals know The Highlander.  More importantly, my heart grows three sizes this episode seeing Mom!Tessa (we’re used to Momma Bear!Tessa, but her with an eight-year old is entirely precious).  Darn Immortals not being able to reproduce, because Mac/Tessa kids would have been amazing.  Unfortunately, Nikki also sees how good Tessa is with Melinda and decides to leave her daughter there.  Then she gets taken by the Russians, and MacLeod and Richie rescue her.  The Russian boss calls MacLeod for a meet-up, and we finally get a flashback (Season 1 needs more flashbacks).  In Russia, MacLeod is helping people run from Stalin, and for some reason speaks his English in an Russian accent, because?  Maybe this is the show’s way of showing us he’s speaking Russian.  Ahem.  Anyway, the Russian betrayed MacLeod then, and now they will have their final duel.

How did Voshin hide a sword under the map?  The world may never know.

Yeah, there is a reason I don’t remember these mid-season, pre-Paris episodes very well.  But, that’s life.  See you next time, friends!

Favorite Quotes:

MacLeod: “Well, life’s tough everywhere.”

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